Personal Loans

Our range of financial products and services are designed to help people who have difficulty in obtaining credit from Banks and Building Societies and offer a competitive alternative to using doorstep lenders, pawnbrokers and expensive High street moneyshops.

Unlike Banks and Building societies we assess your ability to borrow and repay a loan on your current situation rather than your credit score. We work hard to understand your circumstances so we can make loans where others cannot. Unemployment, County Court Judgements, living in rented accommodation or a poor credit history is not necessarily a barrier to obtaining finance from us.

We have retail branches in Birmingham, Walsall and West Bromwich and we operate within a twenty-mile radius of both areas. If you live outside of these areas, we may be able to provide you with details of similar organisations in your local area who maybe be able to help you.

People who use our personal loans need help to fund special events or to help them out of a difficult situation, for example replacing a broken kitchen appliance or to pay an unexpected bill.

We aim to provide a secure means of obtaining finance for those who would generally use sub-prime or doorstep lenders with high interest rates (generally more than 150% APR Typical).

Whatever your circumstances, whether you are living on a low income or are in receipt of benefits, then you can apply for finance from StreetUK.

Call us on 0845 601 8690 and we will be more than happy to help you.